You still look elegant without any pain, trust me with this stuff you will be okay to around the mall until you die lalalala..


Finally, i can walk around mall without pain


Btw, this day is my first day dress up!

Meskipun belum keren – keren amat, tapi segini aja gue udah berasa orang paling keren semall :p
Biasanya BinkDotz selalu berkeliaran dengan celana basket andalan + kaos kegedean belel! Ha..ha..

And actually I really like to use high heels, but the pain killing me so badly so usually I chose “Sendal jepit” to company me everyday everywhere.

But finally I find this AWESOME high heels shoes at Binkdotz Store and my great mameh buy this AWESOME shoes for me right away!!

Tepat di saat kita harus dress up!
Sungguh nih sepatu kiriman Tuhan 😀

AWSOME Shoes by Binkdotz Store (from Great Mameh)
Skull Long Slevee by Binkdotz Store (another gift from my mameh)
Green Retro Pants by Nevada (thanks my Bink)
Backpack Lazy Bag by Zinc (Singapore)