I really like handmade fashion stuff and lately I love tie dye!

For me, handmade stuff is so special because when people made one, they put little heart in that handmade stuff, really sweet.

So I choose a lovely tie dye pants, handmade bag, BinkDotz handmade necklace, and also make my tie dye hair for today 🙂

Actually I want pink and purple color, but unfortunately became like this, became like uncategorized color and black and super little bit violet.

But yeah still tie dye so I enjoy it 😉

And I bring my skull cluth too, first I just bring this cluth without big handmade bag but this cluth make me uncomfortable and uneasy if I want to get my phone and other thing, so big handmade bag became a hero here!

Because my uneasy skull cluth accident, finally I find a great idea for my next fashion project!

Still a secret.. LOLL