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My First Post On LookBook

it makes me feel a little bit weird… take a picture with the clothes I wear….it’s so awkward

anyway… finally, I’ve had a lookbook…still need your support…click here to my LB


my first photo at LookBook


Zoom Without Expression

BajuBangkok.Com top // Kurnia Alam jacket // Coconut Island Long Pants // Kappa Shoes //

after i post my photos on LB… I get a good idea for the progress of the fashion to become more useful in the future…please support me and i hope this can be my style later…COMING SOON!!!

Hand Made Me

Yes you all already know that i really love handmade stuff! So here it is, my another handmade collection..

I do really falling in love with my flat shoes, need 1 week to make it (drawing and coloring), Its all about BinkDotz here at my flat.

Hmm.. Actually I’m still like a kiddo, i like to play, doing useless stuff and also like to dress up like a kiddo! But it work well, because so many people tell that I’m still 18 year old, WELLYEAHH, you can tell!!

And also green is my fav color! Luckily, i get this adorable green bag from, Poison Monkey Bag! Look, how adorableee he is >.<" And look how adorable i am :p


What i wear,
Cross Sweater Crop, by
Tie Dye Harem Pants, by
Handmade BinkDotz Flat, thanks to my friend who make it!
Poison Monkey Bag, handmade by
Nerd.O Glasses, by

Wardrobe By Bink

Today is so special for me because today Bink become my profesional stylish! Hmm, Bink said that he has incridible fashion taste, so just try it and this is it!!


fashion is happiness

What do you think?!
Well yes, for us fashion is all about happiness! Altough i look vintage classic and fat here, still I’m Happy! *look at my Happy face :p

Anyway, i love my new Iluminate Bart Simpson Tee!
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What i wear,
Iluminate Bart Simpson by
Nerd Glasses by
Classy Denim Vest by
Maroon Washed Long Pants by Nevada
Bink’s father Leather Loafers

Tie Dye Is The New Black

I really like handmade fashion stuff and lately I love tie dye! For me, handmade stuff is so special because when people made one, they put little heart in that handmade stuff, really sweet.

So I choose a lovely tie dye pants, handmade bag, BinkDotz handmade necklace, and also make my tie dye hair for today 🙂


My new tie dye hairs

Actually I want pink and purple color, but unfortunately became like this, became like uncategorized color and black and super little bit violet. But yeah still tie dye so I enjoy it 😉


Look around and get my destination

And I bring my skull cluth too, first I just bring this cluth without big handmade bag but this cluth make me uncomfortable and uneasy if I want to get my phone and other thing, so big handmade bag became a hero here!


hold your back or it will be gone

Because my uneasy skull cluth accident, finally I find a great idea for my next fashion project! Still a secret.. LOLL