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God Is Love When…

God is Love when..

He created this world in seven days. It’s a long process, obviously not a-three-minute instant noodle. He pays attention to details, the greatest artist ever.

He blew His breathe to Adam and created human the same look as Him. You want to see God? Still don’t believe in God? Look at the mirror.

He chose David to beat Goliath. So you know the biggest is not always the winner. When you’re in His hand and grace, everything is possible.

He let evil to touch Ayub (Job) to show you He will never give you burden beyond your power.

He sent His only son, Jesus, even when we made mistakes, sins, and hurt Him.

He gives you ears to listen harmony melodies, eyes to see smiles from your love ones, a heart to feel His love.


~Karen Kamal