Introduction BiDob

Hello! I’m BiDob :)) (can be said i’m combination of BidbiD & DobdoB)

This is it – I’m BiDob

See I have “tompel” and it makes me so adorable :))
I think I’m the most clever bunny, I know my name and I will come when my mom called me.
I like to lick my mom nose and I love to lick everyone at our home :p

I love popcorn so much!! And so lucky my mom make me a big bowl of popcorn :9

My dad tell me that I’m the most naughty bunny, every night I like to sit and play at my dad bed, actually I used to be my dad body guard. I always sit at my dad pillow every night when he sleeping, to protect him. And I like to run at my dad keyboard and make a loud sound. I wanna be my dad, always play with computer keyboard.

I always sleep at 6 PM with this comfortable pose 🙂
Ahh… I have so many cute pose ;))


BiDob Sleep Pose – Syahrini Style

Because I pee at my dad bed (always), I win this colourfull sheets ;)) yeiyh!!!


My Kingdom – I grab it from my father

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