hi, guys this is the first time i buy at Guess store… i want to buy Guess bags for my mom… i don’t have any idea for the bag… what women really like, feel, see, taste, sense…

So, when choosing the bag, I asked the opinion of the CS who served me at that time

anyway, my first question when asking for help with CS “is that promotion or discount?” hehehe i think that’s the important question for a man like me (woman is scary) ^^

My lucky day… there’s a discount about 25%…hmm okay… save money for donation….^^

after look around my heart choose this lucky bag…


Guess For My Mom

What do you think? is that cool? not my pose by the way… focus…the bag

anyway the price for the bags is about $150 and i just get 15% discount for that but if i buy another product until $200 i will get 25%…

so, i buy a pouch or wallet (i don’t know what they called) about $50 then i get my 25% discount (not bad)